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About the Fossil Club of Australia Inc.

The Fossil Club of Australia is an active group of enthusiastic people of all ages and backgrounds who want to learn and share information about fossils.

Some members are professional paleontologists and some are just beginners. All are welcome, whatever your level of interest. We encourage socializing and having fun in all we do while seriously learning and hunting for fossils.

We arrange regular fossil collecting trips in New South Wales and other states for members; hold regular meetings and have guest speakers and demonstrations on various fossil and related topics. All of this can be recollected from our “Fossil News” magazine which comes out every three months. We also have a monthly Activities Bulletin to inform members of what is happening in the coming months.

The kids section within Newsletter, has a lot of information for young minds enabling them to do their research for their school projects as well as producing/download graphics for their computers. I supposed the rest of us can be young of heart and learn a thing or two as well.



All personal information received by the Club will be used for the purpose of club records only and will not be past on to any third party.