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From our President

Gary Davies

President’s Report 2015-2016

There was a big fossicking trip to Richmond in Qld to look for marine reptiles such Ignosarus and Kronosaurus.   Kevin and I joined the Fossil Club in July 2016 to dig these reptiles and other fossils. The first sight was Exes Station where a good number fossils found where Ammonites, Tusk Shells, Crab Claws other shells. Milla found several great Ammonites that where of good detail and shape. Izak found a number of crab claws which new to the area. Others also found good fossils at this sight.

The Common Fossicking area (The Quarry) was interesting and quite a few parts of creatures where found such fish parts, turtle bones, sharks teeth, ignosaurus bones and others but it was hard digging in this area.

The other area which the curator (Patrick Smith) of the museum took the club to was Cambridge and this sight produced some good fossils such as Ignosaurus bones, back bone vertebrates of large fish, turtle parts and other fossils.

The trip from Sydney to Richmond was great drive with lots of good scenery of plants, birds and animals (kangaroos, wedge tail eagles, grass parrots, kites (type of eagle), pigs, 1 rabbit, emus, boa trees, prickly pear plants and some big cranes(bird).

I found the Federal Hotel very pleasant and good food and the caravan park was friendly and well equipped and clean. 

The trip to May Downs(Beetle Creek)  I never got to as the rains came and we did have enough time to wait for the ground to dry out but others went and I hope they did well there.




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